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Plants vs zombies

Plants vs zombies is one of my favorite game, that's why I thought to share it to you to. This is a game of fight and strategy. You will have to start zombies games with two plants, one is a flower that will bring you points to buy plants and one is a plant of attack that will help you to destroy the zombies. With each level you will win a new plant, much powerful, that will help you to create an army to protect your home from the zombies which are stronger. Every plant you win is more expensive so you need to make a lot of points to create a strategy if you want to beat the army of zombies. If the zombies eat your plants you still have a chance with a little car that is in front of your house. You have just one chance to use it because it destroys all the zombies that are in front of it. If the zombies reach your home, they will eat your brain and the game will end. If you lose to one level, don't worry, next time it will be better. Zombies games online is a game that will become a challenge for you so try it every time you have the opportunity. Either you are on a break, either you want to relax yourself, you should try to play the game plants versus zombies. Have fun!


Zombies games online

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